Too Mulch or Not Too Mulch?

As the leaves are beginning to change colors and fall from the trees, you may be wondering what exactly you should do with them. When it comes to fallen leaves, it is important to remember that you do no want to simply leave them there, especially if you have a thick layer of them.

For some reason, there are some people that believe that keeping the leaves on their yards through the winter will help insulate the lawn from the winter cold and snow. This, however, is extremely bad for your lawn because the grass still needs the sunlight to stay healthy.

The best option for your leaves is to have them mulched. Mulching will break down the leaves and allow their nutrients to go deep into the soil before the winter months. If, however, you have a very thick layering of leaves, it is a good idea to bag them up as you are mulching them. This way you can still get some of those nutrients to the soil without having large clumps sitting in your yard. If you have the garden space, the leaves that get bagged can be spread around your garden and shrubs to transfer nutrients to these other areas so they do not go to waste.

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