Winter Maintenance

With the recent snowfall, you may be starting to wonder what you can do to get prepared for the winter weather. The most important piece of prep work that everyone can do is to remove all leaves and other debris from your lawn. If this debris is not taken care of, it can cause dead spots and even disease for your lawn come spring. But what if you have shrubs or trees?

These can take a little more time and resources to maintain their health. With shrubs and smaller trees, your best bet is to cover them to prevent frost from damaging them. When it comes to covering a crucial item to remember is you DO NOT want to use plastic like a tarp because it will cause moisture to build up inside, which then will freeze. Always use some form of paper or cloth covering which will allow proper air circulation.

Now if you have a newly planted tree that is too big to be covered, you will then want to wrap the base of the trunk to help protect the newly transplanted roots until they can be firmly entwined in their new surrounding. It may be a good idea as well to add some mulch at the base of any freshly planted tree or shrub to protect these roots through the winter months.

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