Let's hear it for the birds

When it comes to one's garden and general landscaping, it is always the flowers and other various plants that get all the attention. However a part of what makes it even better is the wildlife that can be seen within these areas, and wildlife can even play an important role in boosting the health of your landscaping. Of all the wildlife, birds add another great visual and additional colors that bring even more life to your dynamic environment.

If you are looking to increase the number of birds to your landscape, your first question is more than likely "How can I attract more birds?" Though the basic idea of putting out bird seed can help, look into different varieties of seeds to attract specific types of birds. Additionally, consider adding flowers that attract certain species, such as petunias and honeysuckles if you'd like to attract hummingbird visitors.

Even more than just food, it is good to add a water source to keep birds nearby. To make clean water available year-round, consider installing a heated bird bath for winter months. For more summer traffic, you could include a water fountain or other water feature. The sound of flowing water will entice more birds to your yard.

The last crucial element to include is shelter and nesting sites. Birds like to use dead trees for nesting because of the various holes that they can find in these trees. However, if you are cleaning up your landscaping you will more than likely want to remove any dead trees, so nesting boxes are your best bet for nesting. Ideally, you would want to place them atop a metal pole to reduce any disturbances by squirrels and other predators. Even more than nesting boxes, trees and shrubs are a great natural solution to providing birds with shelter.

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