How will I be billed for your services?
We bill once a month for the prior month's services.

Do you provide a specific type of mulch?
Yes. We provide quality double shredded premium hard wood mulch, which is available in several colors.

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Ground Hardwood Bark "The Number One Choice of Professional Landscapers"
Hardwood Bark
Shredded Brown - Coffee-Colored Mulch
Shredded Brown
Kiddie Kushion - Premium choice for playground surfacing
Kiddie Kushion

Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes. A contract will be signed before service is provided. However, if you are not satisfied with our service and your account is in good standing you may cancel your contract at any time.

Why do you require a contract?
If your account is in good standing, you can cancel your services at any time. We feel that having a contract in place will benefit the customer in several ways:

1. It establishes clear communication between our company and the customer.
2. It is used to establish costs and budgets by the estimator so that there are no surprises.
3. It is used by our employees to ensure that the services are provided exactly as presented during the contract signing. 

What sets apart your patio and walkways from other landscapers?
All of our patios and walkways start with a minimum 8" subbase of C-A6. What does that mean? Your patio or walkway is only as strong as the base that is underneath of it. Because it is more expensive to purchase and haul the stone (CA-6) subbase, some companies will reduce or eliminate the subbase, greatly compromising your design. Our subbase will ensure that your patio or walkway will withstand the natural settlement of the ground so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Will I have any damage to my property/sidewalks with snow removal?
As with any snow removal, there is always a chance that damage could occur. To ensure the most efficient snow removal possible, heavy blades are used to sweep the snow off of the parking lot or driveway. However, to decrease the chances of damage, we mark all edges with 4 foot reflectors before snowfall.  This is done at no extra charge to the customer.

Are forms set to do concrete landscape curbing?
No, a machine that extrudes the concrete into a continuous concrete border is used.

How long does the process of concrete curbing take?
Depending on the type and footage of the installation, it normally takes only 1 day.

Do you use reinforcement in your curbing?
Yes, in most cases reinforced fibers are used in the curbing. Verify this with the contractor.

Will the color of the concrete curbing fade over the years?
No, not if integral colors are used in the your mixture, and a sealer is applied to prevent fading. Resealing is good maintenance practice. Talk to your installer about how often to reseal.